Times Tables Worksheets

Use the Fixit Maths worksheet generator to provide further practice of the times tables.

  • Begin by practising a single table (2 times table) in simple form (3x2=6) and reversed (6=3x2).
  • Next, add in the option for commutativity, (2x3=6) which reinforces the fact that 3x2 is the same as 2x3.
  • Once secure with this, add in division questions (practising division individually first if necessary).
  • Finally, include empty box (__x2=6) elements.

Following this process will give pupils an increasing level of challenge and will enable them to recall tables facts in other contexts with more confidence.

This process can then be repeated for the next new table before being combined with the previously learnt table(s). In this way, once learnt, a table doesn't have the chance to become forgotten!

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Types of Questions


Allow reversed questions?

Practise commutativity?

Allow empty box questions?

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