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A game for 2 or more players

This game gives practise of multiplying a 2-digit number by a single digit.

You will need:

  • Place value dice, one with multiples of 10 and two with 0 to 9
  • or
  • Number cards from 13 to 99 and 0 to 9
  • How to play

    Agree how many points are needed to win the game.

    Roll the place value dice to make a 2-digit number, then roll the 0-9 dice for the multiplier. Record these in a multiplication calculation. Use an appropriate method to calculate the product. The player with the largest product wins a point.

    The first player to win the agreed number of points, wins the game.


  • Use extra place value dice to work with numbers with more than 2-digits
  • Use number cards with larger or decimal numbers
  • Roll place value dice twice to create two multi-digit numbers to multiply together
  • Grab a handful of 10p and 1p coins from a bag (or similar currency) and calculate its value. Roll a dice and multiply the value of the coins by the dice roll.
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