Four in a row games

How to play

4 in a row is a great game for practising any aspect of maths, as well as encouraging observation and strategic thinking. Choose an appropriate board, then take turns to pick a box and correctly answer the question to claim it. Use counters (a single colour for each player) or pens to mark the claimed boxes. The winner is the first person to place 4 counters in an uninterrupted row, column or diagonal.

Choose an appropriate board from the following links, or you (or the learner) can use the blank board to create your own game.

Blank board - Create your own game.

Multiple master - A variation played on a multiplication square, to encourage recognition of multiples of different numbers.

Multiplication square 4-in-a-row - played on an empty multiplication square.

Number bonds - Practice recall of number bonds for 10, 20 and 100, then apply these bonds to subraction calculations, including finding missing numbers.

Times tables

There are 3 boards (multiplication facts, division facts and a mix of both) for each times table, up to x10 table or up to x12 table. Multiplication facts are presented using the commutative property (2x4 and 4x2) for reinforcement and dividing by 1 is included on each division board.

Multiplication and division boards for mixed x2, x5, x10 tables

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