Retaining knowledge of tables facts

Once a new table is learnt, it is important to return to previous tables to ensure that knowledge of them has been retained. This means checking that a pupil can recall answers to x and ÷ facts quickly, without the need to calculate. Rushing onto new tables too quickly without doing so will result in previous knowledge being lost.

For example:

  • Learn the 10x table.
  • Learn the 2x table.
  • Recheck the 10x table and then the 2x table.
  • Learn the 5x table.
  • Recheck the 10x, 2x then 5x tables as often as needed to enable confident recall of each before moving on.

Click here to generate worksheets to practise x facts.

By spending time reviewing and reinforcing before learning a new table, you will be helping to ensure a strong, lasting knowledge and confidence with all the tables.