Dienes (base 10)

All of the following resources are interactive and great for teaching online or on an interactive whiteboard. Spending a little time exploring the options allows them to be used to their full potential. I find it useful to shrink the blocks before beginning, to give more work space.

https://mathigon.org/polypad#number-tiles - up to thousands, which you can split and merge for exchanging/regrouping. Shrink the first block and others will then be the same size.
https://mathsbot.com/manipulatives/blocks - up to thousands using differently coloured blocks, which can be exchanged or grouped. Shrink to desired size, then hit ‘Tidy’.
https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/apps - up to hundreds, either the same or different colours, which can be exchanged/regrouped.
https://www.mathspad.co.uk/i2/teach.php?id=placeValueBlocksTool - using Dienes blocks to build, describe and compare numbers and visualise numbers with up to 10 digits
https://www.mathspad.co.uk/i2/teach.php?id=decimalBlocksTool&r=1 - using Dienes blocks to represent ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths