Largest remainder

A game for 2 or more players

This game gives practice of finding the remainder when dividing numbers. It provided opportunity to secure correct working when the answer is zero with a remainder , which learners can often find tricky. The difficulty level can be easily altered and, by using the first variation, the game encourages thinking strategically about the possible size of a remainder.

You will need:

  • A 20-sided and a 10-sided dice or 2 appropriate piles of number cards
  • Pen and paper
  • How to play

    Players take turns to roll the dice, and record a division calculation (20-sided dice ÷ 10 sided dice). When the calculations are worked out, the person with the largest remainder scores a point. First to an agreed number of points wins the game.


  • Each player records the numbers 2 to 9. After rolling the dice, they choose one of their numbers to divide by and cross it off their list, so each number may only be used once. The game ends after 8 rounds when all the numbers have been crossed off.
  • Use manipulatives for support: Cuisenaire and a number track, Numicon, counters, multiplication square etc
  • Use number cards or dice to generate larger numbers, to increase the challenge and encourage application of appropriate mental methods or formal short division
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