Multiple master

A game for 2 or more players

This game helps learners to become familiar with the multiples of different numbers. Playing on a multiplication square provides support in finding multiples of a number, whilst allowing links between different times tables to be made, patterns in multiples to be identified and rules about multiples to be made.

You can find more information about multiples and can download a handy reference sheet.

You will need:

  • Counters/tokens in a different colour for each player
  • A multiplication square up to 10x10 and a 10-sided dice
  • or
  • A multiplication square up to 12x12 and a 12-sided dice
  • Take turns to roll the dice and then put a counter of your colour on any multiple of the number rolled. E.g. if 2 is rolled, a counter could be put on any multiple of 2, so any even number – it doesn’t have to be in the 2x row or column

    The first person to place 4 of their counters in a straight unbroken line wins.


    This game can be played exactly the same way on a 100 square . It encourages recognising multiples beyond those in the times tables facts and may involve using mental or written division methods to check if a number is a multiple of the one rolled.