How many goals?

'How many goals?' football cards give practise of rounding 3 or 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. They can be used as an individual/collaborative activity, or as a competitive memory pairs game. There are cards for 10 football clubs and 10 footballers, with corresponding total goals scored since 1980 for the clubs, and total career goals for the footballers. These totals are also shown rounded to the nearest 10, and also to the nearest 100, on separate cards.

How many goals? cards - Download the cards, and print out the first 2 pages (clubs/footballers and total goals) back to back, so the name will be on the front and the goals on the reverse. The final 2 pages can be printed on differently coloured card, so they are more easily differentiated.

How many goals? cards - edit this Word doc to include your own favourite clubs and players!


Spread out the chosen cards (footballers/clubs or both) and the rounded totals (either to the nearest 10 or 100). Guess which rounded figure matches each name. When all have been matched, turn the names over to see check if you were correct and rearrange as needed.

Memory pairs

Spread out footballers/clubs and rounded totals (either to 10 or 100). Players take turns to pick a name and total, turning the name over to check if it rounds to the number they picked. If it does, they keep the pair of cards. If not, the cards are returned. The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.

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