Multiplication squares

When a pupil cannot fluently recall times table facts, multiplication squares can provide valuable support, allowing them to focus on the concept rather than worrying about recall. This applies when working with concepts involving fractions, ratio and percentages as well as multiplication and division.

Multiplication squares for up to 10x or 12x table

A Fill It multiplication square ( up to 10x or up to 12x) can be used as a record of multiplication facts known. This can boost confidence, as many pupils fail to recognise how knowing the key tables (1, 2, 5 and 10x) means they already know many facts from the other times tables and that there is less left to learn than they thought.

A multiplication square can be used to find division facts, helping to secure understanding of the inverse nature of the operations. Many pupils don’t realise this use until they are shown.

Online interactive multiplication square

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