Having a variety of dice is great for a wide range of games and for quickly generating numbers and calculations. See below for some ideas for quick no preparation dice games for 2 or more players. Note: d10 refers to a dice with 10 sides, d20 has 20 sides etc

Sets of polyhedral dice are easily obtained online or from games stores such as Geek Retreat.

DiceShop has an amazing selection of all sorts of dice.

Polyhedral dice can also be found online.

If you don't have polyhedral dice they can be easily replicated:

  • Write the numbers on lollipop sticks, put them in a pot so the numbers can't be seen, then pull one out randomly and put it back in the pot
  • Write the numbers on counters, put them in a bag, then take one out randomly and put it back in the bag
  • Make and shuffle a set of number cards (with 2 or 3 of each number)
  • To replace a 10-sided dice, shuffle a set of playing cards (remove the ten, jack and queen first), counting the queen as zero – you could keep the Joker in the pack and let this be the player's choice of number