Fraction pairs

A game for 1 or more players

This pairs game gives practice of recognising equivalent fractions.

You will need:

  • Fraction strips - choose ones whose denominators are multiples of the same number (e.g. thirds/sixths/twelfths, halves/quarters/eighths or fifths/tenths). Write the fraction on the back of each strip. Gluing the strips to wide lollipop sticks makes them more durable and easier to handle.
  • How to play

    Spread out all the strips face down. Players take turns to choose 2 fraction strips that they think are equivalent. Check by turning the strips over to compare the images. If the fractions are equivalent, keep the strips. If they are different, return the strips face down.

    When all the strips have been matched, the winner is the person who has won the most.


  • Play as a solo challenge - how many turns does it take you to match all the pairs?
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