Over the years, I have worked as a primary school teacher, lead maths teacher, supply teacher, deputy head, tutor, childminder and mother of three children! During this time, I developed a passion for teaching maths and for encouraging a positive, confident attitude towards the subject.

My more recent work as a teaching assistant has allowed me to better understand why pupils sometimes just don’t ‘get it’ when working in maths or why they seem to understand yet make mistakes which suggest otherwise. Working one-to-one with pupils has allowed me to question their mistakes and realise that they usually make sense once you understand the misconception or misapplication of knowledge that caused them.

There are many misconceptions that are quite common amongst pupils, yet are not always immediately obvious. I’ve also been able to isolate the different elements involved in particular areas of maths and track them back through the stages in which pupils need to be secure and have realised how much repetition this can take, especially with a long-held misconception.

Providing maths support for individual pupils, I’ve been able to tailor questions and activities to identify and focus on their specific needs in a way that was difficult to do as a class teacher. Through Fixit Maths I aim to make it easier for others to do the same.

I hold a Level 5 Dsycalculia qualification and am registered as a specialist dyscalculia tutor with the Dyscalculia Network .